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The light is almost preternatural, casting an unusual glow over the night. You can see the midnight sun in northern Norway, and there are a number of locations which are renowned for offering the best of this spectacle:.


The most northerly town in the world, Hammerfest offers barren coastlines and a desolate beauty which is surprisingly irresistible. The town itself is lively with a vibrant, local atmosphere and with the rosy radiance of the midnight sun, the location feels almost enchanted.

Lofoten is located km to the north of the Arctic Circle, putting it in prime position to enjoy unparalleled views of the midnight sun. A stunning archipelago in the northern Atlantic Ocean, Lofoten has an unspoilt beauty which nature-lovers will adore.

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Hop aboard a rib boat and discover the landscape and nature at night, illuminated by the soft, warm light. Taking an excursion to see the midnight sun at its fullest will leave you with incredible memories to last a lifetime. The gorgeous golden hues of the sun radiating in the depth of the night really is a sight to behold. Have a Midnight Sun adventure. You have disabled JavaScript, some functionality on this website requires it enabled.

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More From The Irish Examiner. However, the Osakan police are unable to definitely prove their involvement, and both are eventually found dead; Fumiyo dies in an accidental gas leak in her house, and Terasaki dies in a traffic accident. The story primarily concerns itself with the effects of this incident on two people: Ryoji Kirihara, the pawnbroker's son, and Yukiho Nishimoto, Fumiyo's daughter.

The novel avoids directly revealing the two's thoughts to the reader, instead preferring to reveal information second-hand through the viewpoints of multiple other supporting characters whose lives intersect to form a complete picture of the story's events.

Journey Under the Midnight Sun

Ryoji ends up growing into a moody, sullen and cynical youth who gets involved in a number of shady dealings, such as housewife prostitution rings, computer game bootlegging, hacking corporate programs, and wiretapping. He is shown to be resourceful and intelligent, easily manipulating people into doing what he wants. The novel strongly suggests that he commits multiple murders, including Isamu Matsuura, a former employee of his father's shop who he assists in a videogame bootlegging scheme.

These murders force him to assume fake names and run from the police.

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Yukiho is adopted by a relative of her father's changing her last name from Nishimoto to Karasawa and matures into a beautiful upper-class woman, attracting the attention of multiple men and achieving success in different fields, such as stock trading and opening up a successful clothing store chain. However, many people connected to her suffer from incredible misfortunes, and several characters in the narrative note that there is a hidden dark side to Yukiho hidden beneath the surface.

Under the Midnight Sun: A Novel

Throughout the story, Sasagaki shows up multiple times, unable to let go of the unresolved murder and determined to find the truth, even after the case passes the statute of limitations. Twenty years after the incident in , he is finally able to piece together the truth: Fumiyo Nishimoto was prostituting her daughter to Yosuke Kirihara in order to pay the bills, explaining the interest displayed by Yosuke towards the family in the beginning of the story.

Ryoji, who was Yukiho's friend, became suspicious after seeing her with his father and followed them to an abandoned building, where he witnessed Yosuke molesting her.

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In his grief, he killed his father with a pair of scissors. Ryoji and Yukiho then developed a close relationship of some sort in order to cope with their grief, using their talents to achieve success and ruthlessly disposing of anyone who got in their way. Towards the novel's end, Sasagaki is able to obtain evidence linking Ryoji to Matsuura's death. The police wait for him to appear at the opening of Yukiho's second shop on Christmas Day, and discover he is one of the employees dressing up as Santa Claus.

Cornered, Ryoji runs to the top of the building and jumps to his death. When asked, Yukiho denies knowing him. The son of the victim killed 19 years ago, Ryoji's eyes have been dark and emotionless since the childhood incidence. He loathes getting close with other people. He started to get involved in shady businesses like housewife prostitution rings and game bootlegging when he was a student. He is a very astute man who possesses professional software skills. He loves to use vintage scissors of his since childhood and is very good at paper cutting.

A stunning beauty, Yukiho is the daughter of one of the suspects of the pawnshop homicide 19 years ago.