The Law of Attraction: The secret laws of manifestation and the power of positive thinking

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Successful people go inward to create a visual and written description of what they want to manifest on the outside. Our physical world is a manifestation of our internal world. People who accelerate are the ones who learn how to get their electromagnetic signals in tune so they can achieve what they visualize and focus on each and every day. But to achieve your dreams, your goals and the emotions behind your goals need to be set to the same frequency.

Make sense? Providing clarity for your brain is the equivalent of tuning into the "goal achievement channel. Your thoughts are electromagnetic waves of energy that penetrate time and space. Whatever is going on in your mind and heart is a reflection of what is going on physically and externally, so you have to work very hard to attract the things you want rather than the things that you may usually think about: struggles, lack, hardship, dissatisfaction, disease, etc.

I now free myself from destructive fears and doubts. I am surrounded by love. All is well. Life supports me in every possible way. For most people, the belief side of the LOA equation is not centered around self-worth. If you visualize manifesting a million dollars and feel great about it for those few minutes, but the rest of the day you're full of self-doubt and fear, then that will counteract whatever you might have accomplished while visualizing. Mindfully observe both lists and listen to your intuitive voice.

Ask yourself: What do I really want to do? Do I really want to complete this project? Will it enhance my life if I achieve it?

Sure you can begin to use the power of the unseen world to create your ideal life and business, but there's a crucial aspect that so many people miss. The Law of Attraction cannot work effectively unless you also follow the Law of Action. Nothing will happen unless you get off your butt and do something.

You need a solid plan with the right strategies, tactics, timeline, tools, and resources to succeed. Yes, this takes hard work and stretches beyond your daydreams and creative visualization practice. Honing your skills takes time, patience, and dedication. And taking action on a daily basis is imperative. This method works because by committing to take meaningful daily actions to achieve your goals, you activate the Law of Attraction and will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

By taking daily action toward your dreams, you're not only chipping away at tasks to get you closer to reaching your goals, but you're also generating the positive energy needed for the Universe to align the right things for you in the right order at just the right time. The Law of Attraction can have a positive effect on our emotions, moods, relationships, and lifestyle. The Law of Attraction works in your benefit when you start living with certainty and confidence that you can achieve what your heart truly desires. There are different ways to apply the Law of Attraction just like there are different ways to test the Law of Gravity.

#1 Secret for Actually Getting the Law of Attraction to Work for You

You can use gravity to have fun skydiving in your wingsuit, or you can misuse gravity by slipping on a banana peel and getting hurt. Happy manifesting! Want to learn more about how the latest neuroscience research can help you achieve your most important goals? The next smart move to get in tune with your vision of success is to register for our free training series on Having It All with John Assaraf.

What has been your experience with the Law of Attraction? Please share your comments and stories in the comment section below. At its core, the Law of Attraction is the belief that your thoughts create your experiences.

In theory, the Law of Attraction is simple—what you think and believe is what you attract. Then, you would allow yourself to fully embody and experience that thought for example, by imagining how it would feel to have an increased level of cash flow from a smaller number of clients. You might even do things like write your new revenue numbers on your sales board.

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You would spend every day expressing gratitude for your new clients—truly believing that those clients are right around the corner. So, in a nutshell, the Law of Attraction works by thinking positively about what you want to attract in your business or life , fully embodying that thought and then taking action to help transform that thought into a reality. You know what the Law of Attraction is.

You know how it works. There are a number of different Law of Attraction exercises you can use to attract success in your business, including:. Appreciating the success you already have can put you in the mindset to attract and receive more. Let yourself fully feel the gratitude for each thing as you write it down. By focusing on your existing success and what you already have to be grateful for , you can shift your mood, perspective and mindset—which will put you in a better place to attract the even higher level of success you desire.

Law of Attraction

Again, a huge part of the Law of Attraction is not only thinking positive thoughts, but fully embodying those thoughts. When you visualize yourself hitting a goal, your brain actually interprets that visualization as a reality—and, as a result, creates new neural pathways to support that reality. Sit down, close your eyes and visualize yourself reaching your goal. What will it feel like?

What emotions will you experience?

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    • The more time you spend visualizing your goal as a reality, the more your brain will come to believe it is a reality—and the easier it will be to hit your goal. Visual cues can be a great way to reinforce your Law of Attraction practice.

      How And Why Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

      And a great way to give yourself regular visual cues that align with your goals and desired? Vision boards. Affirmations can be extremely powerful. The point is, affirming that you already have what you want will make it easier for you to take actions to go out there and get what you want.