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The handful of Potboil shoals paintings are amongst a considerable body of work produced in the early to late s focussing on the relationship between the land, ocean and sky at various sites along the Victorian coastline as well as on Erith and Flinders Islands in Bass Strait in which the composition is built up layer upon layer, in horizontal bands. In rendering this seascape Williams used a long narrow format that conveys the vastness of the view, and emphasises the continuity of the lines that mark the change from land to sea to sky. In the s Williams went to London to study.

During this time he produced the Music Hall and London genre paintings and etchings which are an important part of his early output. Average in Muscle Shoals, AL. Most Reported. Share Facebook Twitter Copy link. Average additional compensation Overtime pay.

'Muscle Shoals' clip: Aretha Franklin gets some r-e-s-p-e-c-t

Average additional compensation is based on information gathered from past and current employees in the U. Salary estimates are based on 9 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Licensed Vocational Nurse employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

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The foursome had managed to bring the business to their own backyard. After nine years in the small studio on Jackson Highway, the Rhythm Section moved to large quarters, a former Naval Reserve building, in May, The complex currently houses two studios, the publishing company in operation since the purchase of the first studio, but not in full effect until recently , and their own record label. All of a sudden we were producers and in situations with nobody agreeing and nobody was giving us our reign.

We were insecure enough to put up with their stuff, which really made the product suffer. Production was a natural evolution, however, after working with the abundance of producers, and currently all the members are involved in that aspect. Beckett has been producing so much that they have added Randy McCormick to play most of the keyboard sessions.

I, pretty much, had a creative picture in my mind since I liked studios, I liked microphones, I liked consoles, I liked tape machines and I loved records. We really want some honest expression and have it come from our hearts, but still stay in the commercial vein. Producing however, has also presented some new challenges to Hawkins. I like working with other musicians on a different level than just playing. From liking them and being a player, you want to be able to sit in with a country band and play that well, you want to be able to sit in with a R and B band and play the funk, you want to be able to be a good rock and roll player and a good jazz player.

The jazz, as much as I liked it, I never did get entirely. I can hit around it and have fun doing it, but I never mastered that. A good studio drummer has to have good ears, to listen not only to what is going on around him musically, but conversation about the music that somebody is having in the studio. If a singer has a certain style of phrasing, I want to get into that style so I can compliment it and put the drum right in the pocket, so to speak.

He is a very sensitive and intelligent fellow and is very conscious of what is going on around him. Doing the Watermark album with Artie, I did a lot of the run-downs with pencils so as not to play the drums too loud because we were kind of set up in the studio as a group. I sat down to play and I hit the drums, which were completely out of character with his songs, so I got two yellow lead pencils and started playing different parts with the pencils, just barely audible to the rest of the band.

What time will we be finished? Hawkins, however, admits that it has not been easy to retain that attitude and keep the music fresh and unmechanical since MSS has become a rather large business, but he has come full circle in terms of that obstacle. When you arrive at that point for the first time, you might not recognize it at 12 or 13 years old, but you know that it feels awfully good and that you feel good from it. That feeling is the reason I started.

Nothgard "Fall Of An Empire" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

But years go by and you become a better player. It starts to become work and maybe there are 2 or 3 nights a week that you get that feeling again.

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That is a concern for any musician going into the studio the first few times. After all the club work, a musician figures he can execute pretty much what he wants to. Why is he playing this session and here I am without much happening? So you start getting good at it, or you start getting lucky, whichever you want to say, and you become in demand. You read articles often where a studio musician is put down as a feelingless technician, and I can see why.

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  4. I think what makes musicians that way is they do too much of it and try to take on too much because they are in demand and the money is there to be made and dreams are coming true. They play so much that it starts to become mechanical. So we went, and it was the first time I had played on stage in 5 years. I hated it at first. I was intimidated. Nothing really happened the first few shows, but by the 7th or 8th, David and I knew the material pretty well and we started stepping out and elaborating on what we had been playing.

    Roger Hawkins: The Drums of Muscle Shoals

    At that point, I realized it had to be incorporated back into the recording situation because tape does not lie. If guys are just sitting there playing their parts, you can tell.

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    Playing for a long time, 21 years, you go through those phases with different outlooks on the instrument. Somehow I have arrived at this point where I am just as enthused about drums as when I was Equipment is something that can also add new dimensions, and while Hawkins admits that he tends to be set in his ways, he tries to keep an open mind in knowing something new can add inspiration.

    Three years ago, however, he switched to Pearl Drums. I had heard that Pearl was really serious about getting the drums right and they had concern for the drummers as well.