Satan in a Suit

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Sure, a romantic evening by the fire can be nice, but for someone so passionate that might not be enough.

You just might feel the need to become a flaming she-devil. Which makes sense People ought to know, if they play with you they just might be burned. Some devils wear short skirts, but those lower levels of hell require cooler clothes. Just pair this ensemble with some sexy devil makeup and ready your quill, those souls will be lining up to sign their souls over to a classy devil like you. The crowd is chanting, smoke fills the stage, and a red throne rises above the chaos.

No one is as devilish as this rockstar can be! She rules the night, catching people in her melody and transporting them to a fiery realm. That is, until her set is finished.

Satan boss. Devil businessman in black suit. Red demon with horn.

If you can see yourself on stage, sexy staff in hand, then this ensemble might be for you. With a short hem, high neck, and trendy sleeves, you'll rock the underworld! Who knows where this wicked side came from? You always knew your kid was bound for great things, who knew all he needed was a pitchfork? Maybe you can dress up his baby sister as an angel and hedge your bets. The winged demons get to have the most fun in hell.

Their punishments are always groundbreaking and innovative. If hell was a Fortune company, the winged demons would be the hipster kids coming up with ideas on beanbags while sipping energy drinks. Did your little imp figure out he could get away with anything at an earlier age than most kids? When they knocked their sippy cup off their highchair and you picked it up did you see a glint of interest in their eyes?

How about a potential need for world domination? Parenthood is hard. Nope, your little babe is no angel. Showing up in a bucket of ice for a Halloween party sounds pretty painful, and also, we think that could be really confusing. What is it with demons and their lack of dentistry? It must be all that underworld sulfur that gives those chompers such a distinctive look, but those aged ivories are intimidating enough that they serve those fiends quite well.

The devil must have wanted the most intimidating scepter he could think of.

It was a good choice, because this pitchfork is at once alarming and dignified! We started out depicting him as a winged dragon-like character and he slowly transformed into the red guy we know today. All you need to do now is practice that malevolent laugh and you can go forth with your best face forward.

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Say it with us: Mwa ha ha! Heaven and Hell, temptation and bliss.

Whether your couple costume is more about opposites attracting or colluding hellions when you two are together your Halloween is sure to turn out divine. It was worth the effort when this slick lady devil showed up.

Lawsuits against the Devil

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