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Join Jeff and Tom on a journey to rediscover yourself and the unique gifts you have to offer the world in midlife. Until recently, most Americans equated the end of a successful career with the beginning of retirement. No more. Now, we want to stay in the game—or better yet, change it. We want to leave a mark, make a difference, and in most cases continue to earn a living. Marci shares practical tips and strategies—as well as her own encore journey—that will sustain you in this new stage of life. Join us this week as Encore. The Modern Elder Academy provides the place and the tools to start reframing your lifetime of experience.

Agile at Scale

In a time that prizes digital intelligence, we believe the need for wisdom, emotional intelligence, and the ability to collaborate with multiple generations is greater than ever. MEA is the first school of its kind — a midlife wisdom school — created to help people repurpose their knowledge and embrace their mastery and value in the digital era.

Because life is a trip. And modern life is a two-tank journey. But, with increased longevity and accelerated changes in the modern workplace, many of us are running on fumes and in need of a midlife pit stop. Our team adheres to core philosophies around teaching, provides an open and safe space for learning, and is committed to our own growth. We welcome transitions and vulnerability with curiosity, while being grounded and experienced enough to credibly engage all types of people from all walks of life. Our mission is to ensure that our graduate compadres leave equipped with the tools to dramatically reduce stress and ramp up resiliency and adaptability — renewed and ready to travel to their next destination.

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Chip was CEO of his company for 24 years. He built MEA to help others reframe their vision at midlife and beyond.

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Learn more about Chip here. MEA comprises three acres of beachfront and adjoining properties in an idyllic setting where the desert meets the sea under the gaze of nearly 7, foot peaks and verdant farmland. Our indoor-outdoor design encourages interaction with nature and each other in nearly-perfect climate conditions most of the time. With well-appointed rooms, multiple pools, hot tub, steam room, massage studio, library, and a variety of meeting spaces and places to do yoga, relax, read a book, soak up the sun, and more.

Learning has never been so comfortable. The common thread with our students is that they are experiencing personal and professional changes in life — re-entering the workforce, transitioning out of a career, job, or family role, and more. Given the small size of our workshop cohorts students , it is a competitive process to be accepted into your workshop of choice.

Learning to Lead with Ron Williams

While we seek students who are in transition and curious about learning and evolving, we also strive to facilitate a diversity of experience in each cohort. So, there are no specific rules that define our acceptance process. If your application is not accepted, we may suggest other MEA weeks when your application is more likely to be accepted, or encourage you to apply again in the future.

About Chip Conley

These retreat centers offer great programs with well-known guest teachers and have proven that people are looking for transformative experiences in beautiful locations. MEA is an academy — the first of its kind midlife wisdom school — with a core curriculum and staff dedicated exclusively to midlife transitions.

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While we do offer yoga and meditation as a complement to our curriculum, we are not a yoga or meditation retreat center. This sets MEA apart, as you receive a holistic learning experience along with a sense of focus and comradery that surpasses what might be experienced at a traditional retreat center. While we do not have a gym on site, we do offer a stunning three-mile beach for walking, jogging, and running, as well as mountain bikes for adventuring, two pools, and spaces for individual yoga and other physical activities.

Depending on the scheduled free time during the week you attend, you may have the opportunity to surf at a renowned and easily accessible point nearby boards and gear rentals not included, but easily arranged. Included in tuition is our round-trip private shuttle that picks you up arrival on first day of workshop by 4PM and brings you back departures flexible. If you are driving, directions and map are here.

If you're a year-old surrounded by year-olds, you're likely an elder in that group. And, more and more of us are finding ourselves in situations and organizations like this. To be totally transparent, the name tested horribly and everyone on our team initially railed against it. Our number one priority is your safety. The Todos Santos and El Pescadero areas are almost completely free of criminal activity.

We provide safe and reliable transportation in our private shuttle from the time you land until you arrive at our rural, beachfront compound — an hour away from the bustling Cabo area. If you have a medical emergency, we do have a local doctor on call, an emergency center about a minute drive away in Todos Santos, and modern hospital facilities available in both Los Cabos and La Paz. Prevention as the best medicine is especially true in this rustic environment.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate people with mobility limitations due to our uneven stairs and walking surfaces, or those recovering from a serious illness or injury. Our climate is comfortable during most of the academic year October - July. But, temperatures can range from quite cool to hot in a day, so we recommend these three words when packing: layers, sunscreen, hat! We send a comprehensive packing list upon acceptance. Home Menu Close.

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About Chip Conley Hotelier. Social Alchemist. Modern Elder. The book: Wisdom Work Experience is making a comeback in the modern workplace. Modern Elder Academy Where midlife mastery is the launchpad to growing whole, not old. A place called midlife. Find your workshop Previous.

Bringing 'elder' back! A place called midlife How did you get here? What we offer The Modern Elder Academy MEA is the world's first midlife wisdom school providing 5- and 7-day all-inclusive workshops at our awe-inspiring beachfront campus in the heart of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Our alumni.

It wove a sense of peace into my life that still remains, an inner sustenance that eases and empowers me. They are an inspiration to us all. Grace reduces the space between us. Our environment often pushes us into negativity; into the differences between us. Grace intentionally overlooks the negative and leverages the positive. It finds the connection and promotes it. Baldoni breaks the often intangible idea of grace into down-to-earth actionable behaviors that we can all intentionally implement into our lives. You will find a self-assessment tool of 20 questions to help you take an honest look at how much you have allowed grace to fill your thoughts and behaviors. Charles Fred initiated a study of over post-startup business to find out why, after they had experienced early growth, had stagnated.

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What the researchers found is a problem in the way employees approached their roles, solved problems, and interacted with each other; poor-performing firms showed working environments of intense stress. Our culture baits us into a non-stop frantic pace with the inevitable unintentional behaviors.