Poland Adieu: From Privilege to Peril

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The House of Przemyslids had murdered my ancestor, a brother of Saint Adalbert; they had intended to wipe out the entire bloodline. In return, I was giving them a taste of their own medicine. Eye for an eye But that was wrong. Moreover, since that fateful year of , the Przemyslids had grown into a large, princely family -- a dynasty! The only vassal of Kaiser Heinrich to bear the title of King!

How could a small House like that of Poraj ever succeed in destroying so formidable a force as the Przemyslids?

Nonetheless, it took less than a year for my conspirators to produce the desired result. My first-born son Last edited: Nov 20, Blog Entries: 0 Joined: Jan 13, Messages: So much intrigue! Both Boleslaw and the Premyslids plotting against Laurentius?!

Polish foreign minister: Macron's comments on Poland 'were not necessary'

Great job weaving the story events, by the way. That combination of the book and the intrigue events was pretty cool! She loved Krakow with its myriad of scents and sounds, the bustling covered markets, the immense plazas, and the accents of royal gossip.

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My son Laurentius was also living in Krakow. I buried myself in Affairs of State, confining myself to a separate wing of the Castle. The young king expressed concern about our neighbour to the south, the kingdom of Hungary. The House of Arpad was steadily pushing out the tribes of Pechenegs from around the mouth of the Danube and the north coast of the Black Sea. But by the same token, the Arpads were swiftly becoming a powerful House. Perhaps too powerful. Further south, the Republic of Pisa was displaying exceptionally aggressive behaviour towards the kingdom of Sicily.

God preserve Poland from such devilry!

Calamities Great and Small The Castle was searched from cellars to turrets. No intruder was discovered. The servants, some of the guards even, were nervous all day long, jumping at the slightest sigh. Everyone thought the Castle had become the focus of a band of cutthroats and thieves.

I could only think of the safety of my bloodline. Was it really that hard to find a way to force their way into the Castle? These attempts at breaking the locks seemed amateurish. The next morning caused us all a shock. He nagged at me to get married again. I have the perfect bride for you.

In truth, neither Poznan nor Krakow brought me any pleasure. Why not get married again, after all? I gave Bruno full reins; Liubava Sviatoyovna, of the honourable House of Rurikid, arrived in Poznan at the end of the summer of She did exhibit that vaguely menacing air that I associated with Russians in general. Still, she managed to combine it with a genuinely sweet disposition.

Her devotion to me went so far as to consent to becoming Catholic.

All too soon afterwards, my daughter Anna-Maria came of age. Once more, Bruno worked his magic. I looked forward to returning there with my daughter. The chance to return the favours to my good brother popped up most unexpectedly. What the devil are you talking about? Guy de Bordeaux, formerly my brother-in-law and still Duc de Bourgogne, had no male heir.

To complicate things even more, both of them were named Constance! The designated heiress was weak to the point of being infirm, with a club foot. Constance Number Two was in reasonably good health. The heiress might live several more years with her infirmity, found a family, have children. Then again, she might not. A Poraj at the head of Burgundy. Mama would be tickled to death.

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But for Constance Number Two there may be a chance. Afterwards, we propose Sulistryj for Number Two. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sulistryj weds Number One or Number Two, or none of the above. But the only way a Poraj might have a chance of inheriting the duchy of Burgundy is with a normal marriage. No matrilineal clause.

This time, Bruno was incredibly lucky. When the girls came of age, Bruno sat tight and did nothing. Guy de Bordeaux eventually arranged a matrilineal marriage for his designated heiress with the fourth son of the Count of Narbonne. Constance Number Two remained without a suitor. Sulistryj Poraj was proposed -- and accepted! A year after his son had made his home at the court of Duke Guy, he, my one remaining sibling, died of pneumonia.

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He was only forty-nine years old. Good work getting Burgundy into the family! Idhrendur , Nov 11, There she was boarding a ship that would bear her to the Kingdom of Scotland where she would wed Adam Dunkeld, heir to the Scots Earldom of Innse Gall. Whilst preparing to bid his royal grandchild adieu, doleful news arrived from France. He had succumbed to a lingering fever.

He was just nineteen years old. Aquitaine has become an independent kingdom. Reconciliation with Your Grace is the unspoken purpose of said visit. Better to scheme from afar. Idhrendur , Nov 20, The most beautiful baby girl in all Poland! Something told me that the couple would be just as glad to have the Castle to themselves for their first Happy Event. They have christened the child Kunegunda. Not a name I would have chosen myself, I found myself musing. I gave the messenger a coin and returned to directing my valet in unpacking my trunks. Later that afternoon, I contemplated paying a call on my grandson.

The boy had not deigned to greet me on my arrival at the Palace. His attitude vexed me.

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What sort of upbringing had he had, I wondered. Where had he learned to be gluttonous, slothful, and devious besides? Poland Adieu : From Privilege to Peril. Bogdan Broniewski.