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While researching into this particular type of service dog and going to conferences and classes, she also worried how it would look. Payne was hopeful that maybe this special type of alert runs in the family, and when her client's dog had a litter, she offered Payne one of her golden retrievers. He was only three months old when he began to pick up and whine, she remembers. Over time, she also trained him to take off her hearing aides and glasses and keep her still.

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Now, we train other dogs to do that for people who suffer from seizures. The business grew exponentially, says Payne, who bought it from Fitzgerald three years ago. Over time, she realized that she was restricted in what she wanted to do for others. After a seizure, she opens her eyes to Caleb and reaches for his fur. She also enjoys more independence because of Caleb. She wanted to have a place where anyone with a disability could come and feel happy and play and train with service dogs. An environment where they could work and be independent. A place to ultimately bond with and have their own service dog.

With business exploding, Payne began to look for a new location for Positive Paws and to form the new nonprofit organization God's Canine Angels.

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Then one day, she lucked out. Penny's husband, who owns a construction company, donated his services, gutted the building and customized it per ADA-regulations for service dog training. For me? For this dream? Both the business and the nonprofit share the same new location.

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True service dogs. The dogs learn obedience and socialization through training and are dropped off to spend the day with other dogs and people. So is the owner. She also wants owners to know they are going to be taking on a big responsibility. At other service dog training businesses, they spend upwards of two years training a dog and then give the dog to a person.

Payne brings the owner into the training experience when a dog is a puppy, and the owner and dog grow up, learn and train together. Payne says training the dogs is easy. The owners are the ones that are challenging, she laughs. Landes had learned of Positive Paws from one of their therapy dogs that would visit his father living in a nursing home. He asked Payne if she could help find him a retired service dog. Then Landes had fallen in love with a puppy named Stella. He asked Payne if she would train Stella. Six socks, in any combination of the designs produced by this Kickstarter.

A pair of each sock design created by the crowdfund.

Guaranteed minimum of 10 pairs of socks if funding does not exceed 10 designs. You have ascended. Your contribution allows you to collaborate with us and oversee the creation of any sock design of your choosing. The design will be added to the Divine Intervention pledges, you will receive a special thanks and art of a character based on the design, and online store credit worth 20 pairs of socks, as well as every sock made by this Kickstarter, for a minimum of 30 pairs of socks.

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Mar 22, - Apr 14, 22 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Faux Paws Divine Evolution. Expanding the Faux Paws sock line to include a wider variety of colors, inspired by the Gods and Goddess of mythology. Kirk Hamilton.

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