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And in that opening and loving we reveal our own tender hearts and vulnerability. If they hold us dear in that opening, we trust them and open more. Too many shadows and the intimacy fades completely. So the process of relationship becomes one of staying fully open. No matter what. Or these are the moments in relationship when we shut the other person out or shut them down. But what happens when two people come together who have been doing the work on themselves — the work of staying open and honest to difficult emotions?

The work of turning to face every moment no matter how dark? The work of waking up? It creates an opportunity for true intimacy to arise beyond projections and fantasies and needs. The other person is seen and loved for who they are, not who they need to be to make one feel a certain way. Relationship is an opportunity to practice intimacy. It is an opportunity to practice opening up and revealing all of yourself to one person who holds you in unconditional love so that your shadows can be melted by that love.

I awoke one night, at am. He was up and about, had been for a few hours. I lay there in bed and felt a cold stone of dread in my belly. I was deeply afraid, triggered by his absence and what it could mean. I contemplated. Did I stay in bed and feel this feeling by myself, breathing into it, staying present, hoping it passed? I knew enough to know that the feeling had nothing to do with the current situation. It was out of context, and came from a much older trauma. I choose to get up. It felt risky, and added another layer to the dread — fear of rejection.

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He looked at me, contemplating. This was about healing and about intimacy.

Sam Coe & The Long Shadows

Grateful, I followed him down the hallway and we slid under the covers. He had no judgement about my state of being, about my need for him in that moment, about me pulling him away from his flow. He was there for me. I shared, describing the feeling. He asked questions, leading me skilfully into the root cause, listening deeply, holding me tight. And then, he took me in a way no man ever has, with such love and passion and care and I could feel how his desire was fired by my willingness to open emotionally to him. And he was able to listen and respond to my need to be heard and held with love and openness.

The difficult moment became an opening into greater intimacy. Hear my voice, remember who cradled you Who loved and swore to guide you, through the darkest hours of your live, Return to me, my child Let us reunite. Come to me, Ravenheart Messenger of evil Come to me.

This is my legacy, now I will be forever I am one with my fate, now I will see destiny I give all of myself for all I love in this world It will be my last wish, my ultimate Sacrifice. My last hour, I have nothing to regret Nothing left that I could give to you I have gone, taken everything with me Everything that I could hide from the pain That takes away my body. Hold my hand wherever you are My end now is just a new life for you all This is my promise, my sacrifice. How hard they ever will hit my face Or even break every bone No matter how long it takes for me I will not fail.

How far I have to go for my hope Or have to step into fire No one can anymore hold me from Falling down now.

My old life seems like centuries ago I remember scenes from my childhood Playing Robin Hood and Braveheart But how do we know what we do When the story is about us Now I know. I will live on, my will lives on Here I stand finally With my life in my Hands Let the sword fall down.

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We are worshipping the gods That keep twisting our thoughts Everyday a new sensation While a million creatures See their soil turning to dust Hrimata Eleison. Forever and ever You hear them crying Forever and ever This world is dying We had time enough to understand. I will send a dying rose For you all to be close To its scent that has never been All the colours to unfold All the magic we behold In the life we share in fantasy. Keep my dream now, I keep yours forever Save my hope now, I save yours forever Hold me, help me, carry me upon your wings To save my soul with your love.

Oh if you could see how How small everything seems from here So trivial, so shallow The meaningless drama so precious on earth Seen from the timeless stardust. Now my hands have been chained to the wheel for so long I have seen all my fellows drown But I cannot forget what they have done to me I am breaking my cage and run.

To the sun, to the oceans To a land I have never discovered There I will go, there is my hope To find some peace someday. The moon is rising higher We use the dark of the night Invade the secret tower Get out of sight.

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You have taken my father And you have taken my mother You have poisoned the souls of the weak But you are damned to die by the hands of your own seed. To the sun, to the oceans To a land I have never discovered There I will go, there is my hope To the seas, to the mountains To the meadows I will never leave again There I lay down, there is my crown And love always. See her beauty so pure She seems like the cure To all been deluded by her light But behind her spell We know her so well She spoils all for what we fight.

All I longed for is gone, all the children unborn I can only let them live in my songs So I…. I belong to a world of twilight and regret Sing my song to the ones who never hear it The spell is cast, time is frozen for eternity I know it lasts only till the sun is rising. All my scars are painted with the blood that I once have spilled My old heart had to see it all to win my freedom.

Come with me to a place far away Come enter the world in the shadows See through my eyes and feel what I feel Come take my hand and just dare to believe.

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  • Hide or beseech, am I the relish in this written story Nowhere to redeem, nowhere to run, the tale casts me into his arms, Into this sinful pleasure to which I now yield Free me from my ordeal. Oh deep in his wake, I lay down to be reborn and cradled Let me die to only reveal the secrets of my core. Hide or beseech, am I the relish in this written story Nowhere to redeem, nowhere to run, the tale casts me into his arms, Into this sinful pleasure to which I now yield Release me, free me from this ordeal. I know that you feel like being a stranger A yearning heart, a soul that has survived this darkness A soul like mine, endlessly craving for more Somewhere in a dream.

    Looking at you I can see beyond this prison That locks you in, hiding your true incarnation A radiant shine, a warmth that I have never Felt Like this before — and want to feel forever. Every day I am facing a new way of chasing The dreams I am losing in constant defense The world keeps on turning, the beds are still burning In foolish unconsciousness and self pretense.

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    • Take it away, take it away, free me Take it from me, take it from me now! Falling astray, falling astray faster Only to see how….

      White Shadows

      Let me crawl inside you to open your weary eyes, Heal the wound that broke you, recover all goodbyes My muted love, when were we raided? Who dare leave us, jaded and torn. Keep on bleeding, self-deceiving All or nothing, make-believing That the winner will always be you.

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      See the clouds in the sky still burning Watch me counting the days in the rain White eiderdown falls to the ground Covers all that has been with death. Look and see what it could have been But this all was just a dream Just a dream of our foolish minds So…. See the clouds in the sky still burning Watch me counting the days in the rain The nightfall has come so early Wiping all of our visions away White eiderdown falls to the ground Covers all that has been with death.

      So for all you ever desired, you wanted to be Was shining so bright but only a dream And nothing remains but this fantasy Oh this world is falling down.