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William S. Eric H. Dave W. Chris D. Jeremy S. Propose Edit Propose Duplicate. Here Comes the Reaper 18th Street Brewery. Check-in Add. Add Check-in. This one's hazier than your head after a spin in the teacups— Juicier than the truth itself. Show Less. Sort by: Global Friends You. Thanks Eric Can. Plan to arrive about 30 minutes prior to check-in and check out our partners, sponsors and pre-race activities. In addition to your FREE beer and swag there will be merchandise for sale, food, and plenty more beer! There is nearby street parking. We always encourage carpooling and safe, designated drivers.

Look for our informational email closer to the event. We will remind you of these details and share anything else you might need to know. Cheers to beers! Other Cities. For all the boozing tourists come to do in their destination towns, very little of it is actually produced in-house. With longstanding dominant craft breweries like Smuttynose restructuring in the wake of a debt-fueled auction sale, the field has been primed the recent flood of newcomers like Deciduous Brewing to enter the limelight. Magnify Brewing Fairfield Top-rated brewery: Kane Brewing For some people, being forced to work on a graduate thesis means fully Marie Kondo-ing their apartment in procrastination.

In the case of Eric Ruta, he swapped the joy of tidying up with coming up with the business plan for what is now Magnify Brewing. It won its first Great American Beer Fest medal in , and more afterwards -- a fact you'll be reminded of when you see its numerous awards the second you step into the Fire Place brewery that's the name of the street it's on, for real. Santa Fe might not have the shine of La Cumbre or Marble or even Bosque, which is brewing great beer right now , but it's still brewing beers worthy of attention.

To go along with its long-running flagships like the Imperial Java Stout one of the best coffee beers in America , there's the seasonal Twisted Root, which asks answers a question few would have thought to ask: What would happen if you combined a Moscow Mule and a ginger ale, then turned them into beer? The answer is "pure magic. Gun Hill, which calls a historically strategic location from the Revolutionary War in the Bronx their home, has been around for half a decade.


Founders Kieran Farrell and Dave Lopez met while playing semi-pro baseball in the city where they still play , and after finding a knowledgeable brewer, set out to create a diverse portfolio. And while these are enough to convert anyone into a fan, no one should miss the award-winning Void of Light stout and all the variations thereof. That goes double for beer, since Fargo Brewing Co. Still, there are other breweries scattered throughout, and Drekker -- which ditches cinematic references for Viking ones -- is cultivating a cult based around its strong, confident offerings which range from the high-octane Nightman Cometh imperial stout to the Broken Rudder IRA and a lineup of stellar sours.

Downtown Indy

North Dakota might not have a lot of breweries, but with spots like Drekker doing their things, it's at least got quality on lock. The boom started with Great Lakes, but local entrepreneur Sam McNulty has carved out his own boozy second-wave niche on the main strip, with experimental Nano Brew, beer-y restaurant Bar Cento, bottle shop Bier Markt, and his massive Market Garden all populating a single block.

It's the core of the neighborhood's continued evolution, ushering in what will sooner than later be considered among America's best beer cities.

Triton Brewing Indiana Triathlon Series Final

But by golly are there some good breweries packed into the state -- Prairie obviously being one of them. A mere minute drive from Tulsa's Prairie brewery is Marshall, which began brewing a few years earlier. Marshall isn't currently the main event in its own damn town, despite setting the table for breweries like Prairie and Dead Armadillo, which is a perfect recipe for being underrated.

In addition to its popular 6. Often described as having a speakeasy vibe, patrons are welcomed right into a corner of the brewery for an elegant, bare-bones tasting experience. Upright is among the few U.

Dawn of Darkness Pouring List

Their beers range from spiced, Austrian cocktail-inspired French hybrid ale-lagers to long-term sour ales fermented strictly in oak with locally sourced fruit. Known for their deft touch, Upright was among the first to help bring Farmhouse ales to popularity in America as well as lagers. Pizza Boy Brewing Co. Enola Top-rated brewery : Brew Gentlemen Bottles are extremely rare. But Pizza Boy does deliver kegs to PA and NYC, so finding it isn't some sort of search for a greasy grail, which is fantastic, because, well, the beer is fantastic, especially sours like the mango-blasted Alphonso and their extremely experimental barrel-aged wares, which have multiplied as the brewery has expanded.

For visual proof of their greatness, a friend of Thrillist even made a beer doc that includes Pizza Boy's story. Unlike other breweries, these guys forgo flagship pours to maintain an ever rotating offering of stouts, IPAs, and kettle sours to round out their program and keep things fresh, meaning that even devoted fans are getting a new experience every time they come to pick up a howler fill. Maybe this will all change when they move into their bigger digs on the West Side of Providence, but until then, you can still swing by and say you knew them when. And while Crow Peak has long been the favorite, that doesn't take away from the efforts of brewers across the state.

But it's in the Crow Peak-adjacent Rapid City that Hay Camp is shelling out solid beers like the deceptively smooth Best Bitter, the booming Transcendance imperial stout, and more. You want beer-snobby? The citric Dino-sour's the closest you're gonna get, neckbeard. You don't want to disappoint the Bull Moose. Blackstone Brewing Co. Nashville Top-rated brewery: Blackberry Farm Like the hard-drinkin' protagonist of a particularly uplifting country song, Tennessee's beer scene has fought long and hard to get the recognition it deserves.

Now, young bucks like Yazoo, Wiseacre, and Blackberry Farm are center stage, but Blackstone's the legend, one of the pioneers who still pumps out remarkable beers like St. Charles porter, which has a whopping eight GABF awards.. Basically, if they made a movie about brewing in Tennessee, Blackstone would be the beloved but often overlooked legend played by Jeff Bridges, and we'd be barred from visiting for making terrible country-music references. Turning Point Bedford Top-rated brewery: Jester King Brewery Aspiring breweries often go through a tremendous amount of trial and error, and after 5 years consisting of a name change, solidifying their identity, and mastering their craft, Turning Point justified its name upon opening on March 17th, And within that short stint, they have become a force to be reckoned with in Texas.

With a few stouts like the Banana Stand Money Ice Cream Sundae sipper, a helles, and even some sours diversifying their program, things are steadily progressing in Bedford.

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You want an underrated Texas brewery on the come up to root for? This is it. Kiitos Brewing Salt Lake City Top-rated brewery: Epic Brewing Though it may sound like a hot new dieting trend, Kiitos is actually one of the country's more sustainable breweries. Von Trapp Brewing Stowe Top-rated brewery: Hill Farmstead Make no mistake about it: Being underrated in a beer state as solid as Vermont means you have to be doing something a little different. If brought us anything at all, you could say that it was an increased awareness and appreciation for farm breweries around the country.

Lickinghole Creek happens to be one of those brewers, sourcing a good portion of their ingredients from their own acre farm. Beers like their bourbon-barrel aged Russian imperial Enlightened Despot have helped put them on the map for beer geeks in Virginia and beyond, while Mexican-spiced imperial stout Heir Apparent has taken home silver at GABF. Husband and wife team Chad and Colleen Kuehl traveled the world before settling in Bellingham to open Wander Brewing in Their varied lineup of beers showcases that vast experience of tastes and cultures, but settles in to a mix of modern American craft beer and Belgian tradition, a surprisingly comfortable one-two punch of excellence.

Settle in for a sip of their lagered Baltic-style Porter that's won over half a dozen medals and hides its alcohol under layers of cocoa and caramel.

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Try whatever experimental single-hop or hazy IPA they have on tap for a showcase of hop flavor. Mountain State Brewing Co. Thomas Top-rated brewery: Bridge Brew Works There just aren't a whole lot of breweries in West Virginia probably because it seems like a huge pain in the ass to brew beer there , but Mountain State Brewing has managed to open two brewpubs and a brewing facility in a town of about people.