How to Save Thousands: Do it Yourself!

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Decide how much money you can save each month and do that first. Then tell the rest of your money where to go. Drop entertainment, restaurants and unnecessary shopping. Brace yourself for this one. We all have to eat, right? Be aware of other ways you tend to spend for the sake of fun.

Perhaps you like to decorate and redecorate or love to entertain large groups in your home. Evaluate necessary expenses. Spend some time with your budget. Get acquainted with categories like groceries , clothing, diapers, and gas. Buy generic brands or store brands for a bit. Try traveling less. If you find a great deal on an item you absolutely need, buy it in bulk. Make a list and stick to it when running errands. You might just surprise yourself with your own creativity in spending less to save more.

Interest Payments and Financial Charges

Re-examine your bills. Most likely your monthly fixed bills are of the "set it and forget it" variety. Log into the online accounts for your cell phone, cable or internet provider, car insurance , life insurance , and gym membership. Investigate how much you pay, the benefits of the service you pay for, and how much you actually use those benefits. Contact a customer service rep or independant insurance agent to negotiate better deals or consider cancelling where you can.

How to Save Money: Strategies for Saving in Canada

Thanks for sharing, Carolyn! It sounds like investing in home hair cutting tools has paid off several times over for your family! The factor not considered is the quality of the haircuts. My boys received bad haircuts at the barbershop and I had too many bad salon haircuts to count. So I would say it was worthwhile to have my husband be the family barber and stylist. YouTube is a great instructor for showing how to do the process if you see ones that are from professionals rather than the ones that are done to get views and need to be fixed after.

I have been the family barber and stylist for years, done hundreds of haircuts on family members and friends.

Ways to Save Money | Save in Every Area of Your Life Today!

Of course I am not just putting on one attachment and running it all over their heads either. Their haircuts include using the clippers with multiple attachments for different lengths to blend the shorter hair on the sides gradually with the longer hair on top where I use the scissors and comb.

Save Money by Cutting Your Own Hair

In addition I use a Wahl peanut clippers for the neckline and sideburns. It is a more detailed process with less room for error with the short hair.

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It does take me longer to give a long haired lady a haircut, just because of the combing out, sectioning and trimming of each layer. For the ladies, it has been the scissors and comb only and I need to use hair clips for sectioning. If I did a really short haircut on a lady, I could use the clippers to clean up the neckline, but then it would be the pretty much the same process as the boys, just not as short as a boy. All of the haircuts I have given to ladies the last few years have been shoulder length or longer, wit the longest being a lady who could actually sit on her hair before I gave her a haircut that brought it up to her hips.

She had gotten tired of it and was tempted to take a pair of kitchen shears to it herself. He did not want to see her try to cut her own hair and screw it up requiring it be cut even shorter. The method I use is the same as this video from the Morocco Method. So when you decide to ditch the salon and have your husband assist you or do the full haircut for you, I recommend you watch this video.

Thanks for sharing your personal experience, Charlie! Do watch the video with your husband. Having a decent sharp pair of sharp hair shears is a must. I bought a good pair of Japanese steel shears on sale because they were left handed. Be sure he gets shears for whatever handed he is. Leave room for a margin of error to have him correct if necessary without having him take your hair shorter than you want.

I find it a great bonding experience with my wife and I consider it a compliment when she gets told how nice her hair looks and asked if her stylist takes appointments. Your email address will not be published. Cricut Air Explore 2. Use a sewing machine to mend your clothes.

In her free time, you will find her reading a book or playing board games with friends. She loves spending time with her hubby, Matt; son, Cooper; and daughter, Sawyer. Finance Life Hacks.

How to Save Money

Kaila August 13, pm. Carolyn August 15, am. Let's take a look at 10 ways you can cut costs and do right by your money without much effort, after the jump. Photo by Darren Hester. Similar to the classic "envelope" method, but designed for modern conveniences. Got your eye on a shiny new MacBook? Buy yourself Apple store gift cards as you manage to put aside money, ensuring you don't spend the money frivolously and that you've really got the money to spend.

You'll want to make sure your cards don't expire before you hit the savings mark, but it's a pretty solid way to ensure you honestly earn your big purchases. But, as our commenters noted when we first posted this, a sub-account through your bank, or a rechargeable gift-style debit card, might be better options for earning interest or avoiding vendor lock-in. Photo by Tomeppy. Original post. Personal finance blogger and crusader against needless debt Trent taped pictures of his son around his primary credit card to make him think before making a purchase, and it worked.

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Create your own sleeve out of two card-sized pictures, and modify the motivation—whether it's a positive something you're saving for or negative reminder of the debt you're paying off —and you'll likely curb some auto-pilot spending. Nearly everyone knows what next-day regret feels like—at least when it comes to big purchases. Spare change jars have been a passive saving technique since change was first offered, but fewer and fewer transactions these days use real cash.

If you're one of those responsible types who balances a checkbook, you can try writing every purchase to the next dollar to create an invisible buffer in your account. More likely, though, you do your banking online and can't trick yourself that easily—that's why programs like Bank of America's Keep the Change , which put your round-up differences into a money market account, are a sneaky way to siphon off savings.

Got your own round-up saving method?

A Simple Trick on How to Save Up A Lot of Money Fast

Share it in the comments below Original round up checking and Keep the Change posts. If you had to wait for a block of ice to melt every time you wanted to treat yourself to the next season of your favorite show on DVD, would you re-consider watching it online, or just waiting for reruns? That's the idea.