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Beloved Infidel

At its peak in , it appeared in newspapers. She went on to success in both radio and television, creating one of the earliest TV talk shows, a forerunner to those of Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey.

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Along with other admired writers, Fitzgerald had recently arrived in Hollywood to try his hand at crafting screenplays for MGM, which during the Depression was an exceedingly well-paid gig. Their chemistry was, apparently, instant.

Gregory Peck & Deborah Kerr [Beloved Infidel Tribute]

From the start, he wooed Graham with flowers, notes, dinners and the high wattage of his attention while his mentally ill wife, Zelda, languished in a North Carolina sanitarium. For a considerable time, Graham did not reveal her Jewish background to Fitzgerald. She justified her break with her religion by claiming that most people saw Jews as evil, pushy and too smart for their own good.

Fitzgerald reacted with shock, and cited their many Jewish friends and employers, including the late Irving Thalberg, whom he idolized.

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In high dudgeon, Fitzgerald copped to provincialism, though not bigotry. Her disclosure about her Jewish background, however, did affect Fitzgerald. Bizarrely, he claimed to Graham that American Jewish parents liked to name their sons for presidents.

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To smooth the writing process, Fitzgerald hired a secretary, a young Jewish woman named Frances Kroll. Soon enough, Fitzgerald found two Jewish women spinning around him like dreidels. She was excluded from his funeral. Though Graham married three more times, each relationship was brief; reportedly, she remained in love with Fitzgerald for the rest of her life, and though her Jewishness became an open secret, she never disclosed that fact.

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Getty Images. Scott Fitzgerald was born on this day in Author Sally Koslow. J Goldberg. Send to.

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  8. Time Out says. An adaptation of the book by journalist Sheilah Graham about her affair with the permanently sozzled F Scott Fitzgerald during his ill-fated last days as a '30s Hollywood screenwriter. This is a great artist's life as grimly self-conscious soap opera.

    Peck and Kerr are awkwardly stiff, burdened by literary history. Vaguely caustic attitude towards Tinseltown mores; and notable 'Scope photography from Leon Shamroy.


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