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However, not all stores are created equal. As you'd expect from a bookseller, Amazon's e-book titles number in the millions, but Google claims to have the largest library in the world.

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We suspect this is due to the number of free, public-domain books available to Google. We checked both stores against The New York Times' fiction e-books list. Amazon carried all 10, seven of which were less expensive than in the Google Play store. Based on the top 10 best-selling DVDs of the year, we found Amazon had an edge. What we did find was that in several instances, Amazon offered both high- and low-resolution versions of movies for purchase or for rent. The only rentable option for the Nexus 7 among those top 10 movies was "Twilight: Breaking Dawn," but there was no option to buy that movie via Google.

Amazon offered both a rent and buy option for that film. Plus, Prime members can stream unlimited commercial-free movies and TV shows. And for physical goods, members get free two-day shipping. Amazon is now offering a day free trial of this service. The Kindle offers a better content selection and better prices for media, plus gobs of free content for Prime members. Packing a 1. But the Fire HDX has even more horsepower, thanks to its 2. On Quadrant, which measures overall performance, the new Nexus 7's score of 4, was a far cry from the Fire HDX's 19, In comparison, the Nexus 7 scored 19, The category average is 5, Both tablets instantly close and return to the home screen and flip through screens smoothly.

We played "Riptide GP2" on both tablets, and they each offered enhanced water effects. We also measured how long it took the two tablets to convert a MB p. MOV file to p using VidTrim. The Nexus 7, on the other hand, took a relatively lengthy They both still beat the category average. The new Nexus 7 has a rear 5-MP camera to go along with the front 1. A picture of a cat captured indoors with the back camera offered a fair amount of clarity, but its orange fur looked almost yellow in places.

However, a p video shot outside a passing car looked colorful, crisp and smooth. A still taken with the front camera looked washed-out and lacked detail. The camera app on the Nexus 7 offers minimal settings, but we love the Photo Sphere feature, which takes Panorama mode to a new level. You can take a hemispherical image in a few easy steps. We were very impressed with how quickly the Nexus 7 stitched the shots together — usually no more than 15 to 20 seconds.

From the tablet, you can also add filters or frames, crop, or correct for contrast, sharpness or saturation. Selfies taken in our New York City offices looked grainy and lacked definition.

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A shot of our cat was equally awful. The Photo app lets you do all sorts of fun things after you shoot. There are filters and exposure-correction options, and you can also create a meme, add text to pictures, add stickers, and even correct red eye. The company also says that when the HDX is just used for reading, it is smart enough to power down unused system components, which could extend its endurance to 17 hours.


Winner: Tie. With scores that close, it's impossible to call a winner in this round. After pressing a prominent Connect button, a support specialist named Jace appeared nearly instantly in a small box on our screen. He could access and control our tablet, which we found helpful. We could also manually move Jace's head around the screen to keep him from covering important answers. Jace was friendly and helped us set up a user profile in FreeTime. The whole call took less than 4 minutes.

Some people may find this feature intrusive, but it's comforting to know the tech support agent can't see you. Within its media section, Amazon offers another secret weapon: the X-Ray feature.

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X-Ray was previously available for books and movies, but with Fire OS 3. The idea behind X-Ray is that you can get extra information on the media you're enjoying. For books, this means getting a CliffNotes-like look at the appearance of various characters or themes within a story — a tool that could be helpful for writing a paper. The music version of this feature is different.

Any fan of karaoke will appreciate this addition. X-Ray for video, on the other hand, syncs with IMDb's database. By tapping the screen while watching "Django Unchained," we pulled up bios on the actors in any given scene. Other fun features include general trivia and the ability to navigate flicks by skipping to various songs played during the movie.

Yes, you can buy the tracks through Amazon. Amazon has added another reader-friendly feature: Immersion Reading. The Kindle Fire HDX can synchronize Kindle text with companion Audible audiobooks, highlighting the text as it is read by a professional narrator. While we could see this feature being helpful for children, we're not sure who would want to have a book read to them as they read.

The Nexus 7 also has some cool tricks up its sleeve. Google Now is a powerful tool that Amazon doesn't offer on its tablet. Among other things, Google Now can tell you sports scores and the weather forecast, offer directions, set reminders, show your calendar, translate words and help with currency conversion. You access Google Now by dragging your finger up through the Home button toward the bottom of the screen.

Simply say "Google," or touch the microphone icon, to activate the voice recognition.

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We found the voice-recognition flawless and smart. For example, when we asked, "How did the Giants do? Google Now can also anticipate what you need to do and present relevant information. For example, it can show you how long it will take to get the next meeting in your calendar. Google Now can also provide your flight status, remind you of dinner reservations and give you the scoop on local attractions.

Built into the hardware of the Nexus 7 is another hidden feature: an NFC radio.

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That means you can use Android Beam to wirelessly beam a Web page, a video or other content from your screen to another device by bringing the devices together typically back-to-back. Winner: Draw. That, coupled with X-Ray and Immersion Reading, makes this an excellent content-consumption device.

On my Peugeot, I have it on the left side, clamped to the bar just below the brake lever, where it it very convenient to be operated by my left thumb. The cable runs downward, making a neat run toward the down tube of the frame.

This works quite well for me. I have a separate page about this bike, with pictures. Accessories Bicycles Parts Specials Tools. The Shimano Nexus 7-Speed Hub. Nexus is a family of parts, of which the Nexus Inter 7 seven speed hub is one. My initial impression on actually using one was extremely favorable. I particularly like the RapidFire control unit, which is very easy to use and has a very light touch. I also am pleased at how well-protected the linkage to the hub is. This hub uses a rotating ring operated by the cable, inboard of the chainstay.

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  8. There are no delicate parts protruding out past the frame, as with other internal-gear hubs. I find the range of gears quite pleasant to use, and the efficiency of the hub doesn't appear to be any worse than the Sturmey-Archer FM four-speed unit it replaced. Shimano tech documents in many languages. Tweet Follow sheldonbrowncom. Find documentation with this search. Find documentation with this search Installation instructions, older document. Find documentation with this search Parts list, exploded drawing on alternate site Installation instructions Rebuilding instructions. Parts list, exploded drawing.